Siri has a brother, and she doesn’t know..yet!

Imagine if Siri had a brother, and that brother wasn't the brightest of the family, his name would be Billy!!

Who is Billy??

Billy is a guy who you can ask any kind of stuff, that doesn't mean he knows the answer, but he would have something to say anyway…

He's learning though, he's new to this world and he's pretty young too, even though if you asked him he would lie and says some random number he would think of.

What Billy can do

ask billy coin

Flips Coins

heads or tails?

ask billy microphone

Listens to you

Not like any other men, Billy listens to you!
Speak with him. You can tell him anything you want…he never gets upset.

ask billy numbers

Picks Numbers

Any number you can think of, Billy will pick one better!

ask billy board

Sends messages for you

Tell him your message and he will write by hand on a wooden board, so you can send it to your friends, or share it on social.

ask billy messenger

Let him say what you don’t want to

Do you wanna break up with your girlfriend
but you are not brave enough? Let Billy do it for you.
*he won’t protect you if she’d try to killl you.

ask billy personal chef

Be your personal chef

Are you hungry and you don’t know what to cook?
Ask him, he knows things!